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Coinbase Implements “Child Pays for Parent” Protocol to Mitigate Bitcoin Fees

In a Medium post published October 2, 2018, Coinbase explained why their engineering team is taking another look at the established Child Pays for Parent technique to make sending and receiving bitcoin a more consistent experience. Bitcoin Fees Are a Double-Edged Sword While Bitcoin transaction fees are significantly lower than most traditional

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Indian State Embraces Blockchain Technology to Mitigate Fraud in Government

The Indian state of Telangana looks primed as a blockchain technology forerunner in the subcontinent. On July 26, 2018, state officials signed MoUs with various blockchain startups and consultants to augment the use of the burgeoning technology in administrative services. Bringing Transparency to State Administration As reported by Business Standard, Telangana’s I.T.

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Online Monero Wallet to Mitigate Security Risks by Fixing Flaws Uncovered in Audit

The Monero web wallet says it has undergone a successful security review by an independent provider, with analysts concluding “a number of potential vulnerabilities” have now been fixed, with their risks mitigated. XMRWallet’s infrastructure was audited by New Alchemy, a blockchain strategy and technology advisory group. During its tests in

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