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Wanchain Joins Telefónica, One of the World’s Largest Telephone Operators, Developing a Mobile Blockchain Future

Blockchain Phone. Image from Shutterstock. Wanchain SymbolEleven Paths, a subsidiary of Telefónica, has tapped Wanchain in an effort to build a secure blockchain platform for the mobile generation. Rivetz is a security company which works extensively in the blockchain space and also plays an important role in the new effort. Wanchain

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Ex-CIA Official Claims Blockchain Is ‘Biggest Threat’ to Future of US National Security

Andrew Bustamante, reportedly a former CIA intelligence officer, has claimed blockchain is “super powerful stuff” that represents a threat to America’s national security. Bustamante, who specializes in publishing life-hacks based on his knowledge of espionage, made his elliptical remarks in a subreddit thread on Dec. 22.Bustamante is also reportedly a

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