Tuesday, October 4, 2022
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A Bear Market Survival Strategy for Crypto Miners; Bitcoin, Ether Prices Remain in Holding Pattern

Another bitcoin miner, Mawson Infrastructure (MIGI), said it generated $1.8 million in unaudited revenue by engaging in similar types of strategy as Riot. “When energy prices are low, Mawson engages in bitcoin mining and generates revenue by selling self-mined bitcoin daily, as it has from inception,” the miner said in

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Pro traders may use this ‘risk averse’ Ethereum options strategy to play the Merge

Ether (ETH) is reaching a make-it or break-it point as the network moves away from proof-of-work (PoW) mining. Unfortunately, many novice traders tend to miss the mark when creating strategies to maximize gains on potential positive developments.For example, buying ETH derivatives contracts is a cheap and easy mechanism to maximize

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Michael Saylor says MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin Strategy Factors in Volatility and its Balance Sheet is Structured to Keep Hodling BTC

Key takeaways: Michael Saylor has explained that MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin strategy factors in crypto market volatility. He also added that MicroStrategy’s balance sheet is structured so that the company can continue to hold BTC through adversity. Mr. Saylor’s comments come in the wake of Bitcoin slipping below the magic $21k price level that has

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