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Ethereum User Who Accidentally Paid $365,000 Fee Splits Loss With Mining Pool Sparkpool

Ethereum (ETH) mining pool Sparkpool confirmed it had come to an arrangement with a user who accidentally sent it over $300,000 in mining fees on March 11.The mix-up, which occurred on Feb. 19, involved an Ethereum user apparently confusing the fields required to send an ETH transaction.Three transactions broadcast

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First Ever Dividends Paid to Investors by the Instant Crypto-backed Loans Provider NEXO

Photo: Nexo / MediumThough the previous year became a real challenge for numerous crypto firms and private traders, Nexo has managed not just to survive but also to successfully distribute over $900,000 in Nexo tokens (NEXO) to its holders.The company positions itself as the world’s first instant crypto-backed loans

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Hackers Threaten to Leak Confidential 9/11 Documents Unless Paid in Bitcoin

Cybercriminal group “The Dark Overlord” has threatened to publicly release confidential files related to the 9/11 attacks if their ransom demands are not met, reports Motherboard on January 1, 2019. 9/11 Secrets up for Sale The hacker group tweeted on December 31, 2018, about their successful breach of the confidential database of law firms

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