Tuesday, September 17, 2019
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Chinese Authorities Plan Crackdown on Crypto Mining in Inner Mongolia

Regulators in the Chinese autonomous province of Inner Mongolia have issued a notice demanding a clean-up of the province’s crypto mining enterprises.Terms of noticeAs local crypto outlet ChainNews reported on Sept. 14, five departments within Inner Mongolia have determined the need to rectify the mining industry within the province.

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$14 Million Crypto Mining Trojan Hijacked Chinese Internet Cafes

An illegal crypto mining operation involves hijacking multiple internet cafes, bribery and some 100 million yuan in crypto. | Source: ShutterstockFifteen Chinese individuals have reportedly been arrested for their involvement in an illegal cryptocurrency mining operation that hijacked the bandwidth of scores of internet cafes to mine approximately 100

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South Korea’s Kakao Considers Listing Klay Cryptocurrency on Chinese Exchange

The renowned internet company Kakao, known as one of the largest conglomerates in South Korea, is looking to list its cryptocurrency Klay on one of China’s exchanges and add it to its impressive list of products in the financial sector.The conglomerate, which already has an admirable reputation in the financial

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