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KyberSwap hacker demands complete control over Kyber company

Update Nov. 30 1:10PM UTC: This article has been updated to add details on the hackers demands.The hacker behind the $46-million KyberSwap exploit has finally released their conditions for the return of the stolen funds, which include “complete executive control” over the Kyber company.On Nov. 30, the KyberSwap hacker sent

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KyberSwap DEX hacker sends an on-chain message: Be nice, or else

The exploiter behind the $46 million crypto theft against KyberSwap has demanded its execs and tokenholders ease up on the hostilities, threatening to push out negotiations until everyone is “more civil.”In an on-chain message addressed to KyberSwap executives, tokenholders and liquidity providers on Nov. 28, the exploiter said they plan

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FTX hacker moves $120M amid Sam Bankman-Fried trial: Report

Anonymous hackers of the now-defunct exchange FTX have been moving large amounts of assets stolen from the platform, with new transactions occurring just as the trial of FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried gets underway.As much as 72,500 Ether (ETH) of stolen assets from FTX has awakened for the first time since the exchange

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