Saturday, December 3, 2022
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Binance’s Lack of Transparency on FTX Bid Could Influence UK Lawmakers’ Crypto Recommendations: Report

“It doesn’t really give us the real background detail,” Alison Thewliss, a member of Parliament’s Treasury Committee, told Bloomberg. “I’m sure the committee will be asking more questions to get to the details of what happened here, because there are wider implications for this collapse and for the crypto sector

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Crypto and decentralization could influence voters in 2022 US midterm elections: Report

A poll of 800 likely midterm voters in four U.S. swing states suggested that the overwhelming majority favored ideas around decentralization, and many were HODLers.According to a Sept. 29 report from venture capital firm Haun Ventures on a survey conducted by business intelligence company Morning Consult, roughly one in five

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Afghans Use Crypto to Curb Taliban’s Influence on Their Financial Well-Being – Featured Bitcoin News

Afghan residents are reportedly acquiring digital assets that they use to preserve their savings and to diminish the ruling Taliban’s ability to affect their financial well-being. Since the militant group seized control, the value of crypto transactions per week has in some cases doubled, a Bloomberg report has said. Demand

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