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Around The Block With Jeff And Dave – July 1, 2019 Facebook Libra and Calibra, Metlife Using Ethereum, Bitcoin (BTC) at 11,000?, Kevin Hsu of BlockVC Interview, and More!

In this episode, we do a deep technical dive into Facebook Libra and ask, is it trustworthy? Will it be valuable or even viable? Or will it crash and burn? In other news, Metlife is adopting Ethereum, but what will this mean for the future of the project? Bitcoin is the

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Crypto Entrepreneur Gains Kevin O’Leary’s Approval, Scores $100k Investment

Betting on an impending crypto bull run, a number of prominent investors have recently thrown mounds of capital at promising cryptocurrency and blockchain startups. Canada’s very-own Kevin O’Leary, once a controversial prime minister candidate, has jumped on the bandwagon, investing a large sum of fiat in up and coming crypto

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