Wednesday, January 20, 2021
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How many DeFi projects still have ‘God Mode’ admin keys? More than you think

Twelve out of 15 of the most popular decentralized finance protocols still have access to a ‘God Mode’ admin key, according to data on review platform DeFi Watch.These full-access controls allow developers to modify or replace the smart contracts underpinning their projects, including making adjustments to user balances.While admin keys

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Bitcoin ‘Corrupted’, Worse Than ‘Creation of God’ Gold: Gabelli Analyst

By CCN: Long before bitcoin rocketed past the price of gold in March 2017, crypto believers had touted BTC’s ability to replace gold in an increasingly digital world. Goldbugs, on the other hand, maintain that no technology can ever replace the yellow metal.Bitcoin is ‘Corrupted’ While Gold Is a ‘Creation

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