Wednesday, April 17, 2024
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FTX collapse could trigger ‘appetite’ for harsher regulation, says Andrew Yang

Calls for harsher regulations around cryptocurrencies and digital assets will likely grow louder in the aftermath of FTX’s collapse — something former United States presidential candidate Andrew Yang said isn’t conducive to making America a hotbed for blockchain innovation. Speaking at the Texas Blockchain Summit in Austin on Nov. 18, Yang

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Andrew Yang, an Ex-US Presidential Candidate, Joins Web3 Platform Pool Data as Adviser

Pool Data’s market infrastructure, comprising payment rails that use the USD coin (USDC) stablecoin, as well as consumer-facing apps, aims to be a foundational layer for so-called “data unions,” the growing communities attached to apps that return control of data to users and mine value from it. These communities lack

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Everything gets politicized, including crypto, says former POTUS candidate Andrew Yang

Although cryptocurrency may still be misunderstood on Capitol Hill, crypto is becoming more political as its influence gains traction. For instance, lobbying by those involved in the cryptocurrency industry has reached new heights. A report from the nonprofit consumer advocacy group Public Citizen found that the number of lobbyists for

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