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Survey: More Crypto Owners Voted for Hillary Clinton than for Donald Trump

In a recent survey conducted by Clovr, more digital currency owners state that they voted for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential elections than for Donald Trump.In general, 46.62% of the survey participants voted for Hillary Clinton in the elections. This percentage is not very distant from the actual percentage

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President Donald Trump Spouts Crypto-Bashing Tweets; The Crypto Community Responds

The most powerful man in America (and possibly in the world), President Donald Trump, aggravated the crypto community on July 12 when he took to his Twitter account to rain down fire and brimstone on Bitcoin, the soon-to-be-launched Facebook Libra, and other cryptocurrencies.In his multiple crypto-bashing tweets, Trump stated without

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Donald Trump and Fed Chairman Distrust is Bullish for Bitcoin: Billionaire Investor

Bitcoin is going to benefit from the growing distrust between the US President Donald Trump and Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell, believes Mr. Michael Novogratz of Galaxy Digital, LLC.The billionaire founder said on Wednesday that he is becoming “more bullish” on bitcoin after President Trump reportedly threatened to demote Mr.

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