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DeFi Effect: Scaling Debate Begins as Ethereum Fees Reach Two-Year Highs

Ethereum has seen a decentralized finance craze over recent weeks.Due to innovation, high returns on investments, and other attractive characteristics, DeFi has gone parabolic. Data from DeFiPulse shows that the value of cryptocurrency locked in blockchain finance applications has reached $1.6 billion. This isSimultaneously, DeFi-related tokens like Compound’s COMP and

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Top Traders Debate Future of BTC After Bitcoin Price Drops to $8.6K

[sociallocker id="55298"] The price of Bitcoin (BTC) suddenly dropped from $10,000 to $8,600 on BitMEX as nearly $140 million worth of long contracts were liquidated. The pullback came merely 16 hours after BTC surged to $10,473, testing the dreaded $10,500 resistance level.Bitcoin typically sees a heightened level of volatility when

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Market Analysts Naeem Aslam and Ian Balina Debate Coronavirus and Crypto

In today’s crypto market discussion, CryptoX is joined by crypto analyst Naeem Aslam, and the CEO of Tokenmetrics Ian Balina to discuss the impact of the coronavirus on the cryptocurrency markets. Will the economic impacts of the coronavirus leave people flocking to cryptocurrencies as a safe haven?Naeem Aslam is skeptical

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