Saturday, April 1, 2023
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Kazakhstan’s Crypto Miners Face New Regulations After Contributing to Power Shortages

In a Nov. 4 interview with local news outlet Tengrin News, Minister of Energy Magzum Myrzagaliev said that Kazakhstan’s electricity demand had been steadily growing by 1%-2% annually until about 10 months ago. Starting 2021, demand has grown 8%, or about 1,000MW-1,200MW, which Myrzagaliev said was due to crypto mining. Source

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Italian Payments Giant Nexi Says It Is ‘Contributing’ to Design of Digital Euro — CoinDesk

In July, the ECB said it would move to the exploration phase of its plans to develop a digital euro. Earlier this month, advisor to the senior management of the Market Infrastructure and Payments business area of the ECB, Jurgen Schaaf, said the two-year investigation period was not a confirmation

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Bakkt Is ‘Contributing Factor’ to Bitcoin’s Fall

Major cryptocurrency exchange Binance’s newest research supports the theory that the launch of institutional trading platform Bakkt partly caused Bitcoin to drop 20%.In the latest edition of its markets overview, Binance Research, the exchange’s analytics arm, singled out Bakkt as the principal event which occurred just before Bitcoin’s price

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