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New iPhone Update Shows TikTok, Others Could Be Snooping on Bitcoin Addresses

Popular iOS apps like TikTok might be snooping on sensitive user information such as Bitcoin addresses and bank passwords, security publication ArsTechnica reported earlier this week. Snooping on Bitcoin Addresses Reports from this week confirm last week’s release of Apple’s iOS 14 developer beta for iPhone alerts users when mobile apps “read”

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Meet The Malware That Uses Bitcoin’s Blockchain To Update Its Army of Bots

An advanced malware is utilizing messages hidden within Bitcoin‘s blockchain transactions. These messages send signals to a botnet army ready to attack at command.How exactly is this malware using Bitcoin’s blockchain and why?Glupteba, The Malware-Installing Trojan From 2011 That Uses Blockchain To Command An ArmyGlupteba, a backdoor Trojan designed to

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Market Update: Bitcoin World Reserve Theories, Market Cap Loses $16B, Analyst Predicts $7,500 ETH

Digital currency markets are down on Sunday evening roughly 2.14% as global trade volume has slid by 31% this weekend. Coins like ethereum, bitcoin, litecoin, and bitcoin cash are all down between 1-2% in the last 24 hours.Crypto Assets Shed $16 Billion in Two DaysAt the time of publication,

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