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Even Crypto Haters Feel That Adoption Is Inevitable: Bitcoin Venture Capitalist

Over cryptocurrency’s ten-year history, this space has been beaten to hell and back by skeptics who don’t think (or don’t want) the innovation to succeed. Yet, one Bitcoin-friendly venture capitalist claims that there’s an inevitability to the crypto space. Better yet, he remarked that even those sardonic towards this space

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Bitcoin Haters Keep Calling Crypto Dead

Since 2011, mainstream media outlets, bank executives, economists, and other skeptics have gleefully proclaimed Bitcoin’s demise after every major correction from its all-time high.Bitcoin Will Keep Defying its CriticsIn the past ten years, Bitcoin has experienced five 85 percent corrections including the recent 14-month bear market. However, the dominant cryptocurrency

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Ethereum is Back on the Cryptoverse Spotlight, Drawing Attention of Both Developers and “Haters”

After being under the radar for a few weeks, Ethereum has regained the interest of the community. People say that any publicity is good publicity, and these words fit perfectly into the reality of this popular blockchain that grows day by day not only technologically but also socially. Within the technological

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