Saturday, December 3, 2022
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Traders expect 200% upside from MATIC, but does Polygon network data support that?

In the past year, Polygon (MATIC) has focused on growing their list of high-profile partners which includes luminaries like Disney, Starbucks and Robinhood. The recent announcements of partnerships with both Instagram and JPMorgan have speculators pushing the token price up nearly 200%. In addition to partnerships, blockchain adoption through network usage

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Upside capped at $980B total crypto market, according to derivatives metrics

It is becoming increasingly challenging to support a bullish short-term view for cryptocurrencies as the total crypto market capitalization has been below $1.4 trillion for the past 146 days. Furthermore, a descending channel initiated in late July has limited the upside after two strong rejections.Total crypto market cap, USD. Source:

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Solana Co-Founder Sees Upside From Ethereum’s Merge, Saga Web 3 Mobile

“From our perspective, these NFT volumes just go to show users really do care about that cost and performance,” Gokal said. Because “Ethereum is probably the largest by mindshare for NFT projects as an ecosystem,” its shift away from proof-of-work towards a less-environmentally harmful protocol, “is a really good thing.”

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