Saturday, September 26, 2020
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Bitcoin Has Entered “Optimism” Phase — Is “Belief” Or “Fear” Next?

Data from the blockchain intelligence company, Glassnode, suggests that Bitcoin (BTC) has entered the “Optimism” phase amongst traders.The metric subtracts the net unrealized loss from the net unrealized profit of all circulating Bitcoin supply to gauge market sentiment. This indicator tends to increase during bull markets and the company suggests

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Economist’s Belief That Stocks Are Overvalued Has Bitcoin Enthusiasts Enthused

While the S&P 500, the Nasdaq, among other global stock indices surged off the back of news that the U.S. Federal Reserve’s chairman, Jerome Powell, would be putting a policy rate hike on the backburner, some pundits are still wary of a looming crash, even crisis. And interestingly, some have argued

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Research: Crypto Whales Are Stabilizing The Market, Contrary to Popular Belief

In both the natural world and the crypto market, whales are seen as colossal creatures that have a profound effect on the environment around them. Since Bitcoin’s rise to fame, a countless number of cryptocurrency investors have claimed that whales have been the primary catalyst behind this market’s unpredictable price movements. But, according

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