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Bitcoin Makes the First Page of China’s State-Sponsored National Newspaper

Bitcoin(BTC)trade has made the headline on Xinhua, the People’s Republic of China’s national publication. The state-sponsored news outlet featured an article which was titled ‘Bitcoin: The First Successful Application of Blockchain Technology.’ The piece has been circulating on social media platforms such as Twitter, as members of the crypto community

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7 Major Businesses Will Initially Receive China’s State-Sponsored Cryptocurrency

China is expected to launch its first state-backed cryptocurrency in few months. Now it has been reported that with the backing of the Central Bank of China, this digital currency will be first received by 7 different institutions.Former employee of China Construction Bank, Paul Schulte, has said that the Industrial

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Analysis: China’s State-Sponsored Cryptocurrency to Disrupt the Mobile Payment Market

After witnessing the success of digital currencies throughout the world, the People’s Bank of China is getting ready to launch a state-sponsored digital currency, and according to new analysis, it may overtake the mobile payment market from Alipay and WeChat Pay.The world is slowly moving towards online channels for payment

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