Wednesday, July 17, 2024
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Synthetix (SNX) Approves Plan to Nudge Positions Off Soon-to-Shut Version One of Its Perpetuals Market

The change highlights Synthetix’s focus on its v2 perpetuals markets, which had $22 million in volume over the past day, data from a dashboard created by the Synthetix community shows. Synthetix’s v2 perpetuals markets, which launched in December, increases capital efficiency and improves risk management for market liquidity providers, representing

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Ryanair Posts Impressive FY23 Profit as It Capitalized on Its Oil Hedging Positions

The aviation business faces numerous problems and uncertainties, including fuel pricing, regulatory changes, geopolitical events, economic conditions, and competition from other carriers. Ryanair Holdings Plc (NASDAQ: RYAAY) one of the largest and most well-known low-cost carriers in Europe has reported a full-year net profit pegged at 1.43 billion euros ($1.55 billion).

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Unbound Finance Will Soon Allow Stablecoin Borrowing Against Uniswap LP Positions on Arbitrum

In addition to Uniswap V3 positions, Unbound is also expanding collateral support to LP tokens of relatively volatile asset pools, such as WETH-DAI. The version 2, however, will introduce price stability mechanisms (PSMs) that automatically liquidate or redeem loaned positions to ensure UND’s value remains stable and closely aligned with

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