Saturday, September 30, 2023
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Ethereum Merge testing on Kiln mostly successful, save for one minor bug

On Tuesday, Ethereum (ETH) developer Tim Beiko tweeted that Kiln successfully passed the Ethereum Merge, with validators producing post-merge blocks containing transactions. Kiln will be the last Merge testnet (formerly Ethereum 2.0) before existing public testnets are upgraded. "Merge" involves taking Ethereum's Execution Layer from the existing Proof of Work

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Ethereum ‘Merge’ edging closer with final Kiln testnet launch

The much-anticipated ‘Merge’ on the Ethereum network is another step closer to becoming a reality after the final public testnet Kiln launched to put it through its paces.On March 14, the Ethereum Foundation urged network stakeholders to run tests using Kiln “to ensure a smooth transition on existing public testnets.”“We

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