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Halving Won’t Save Bitcoin From Falling to $7.5K; Here’s Why

Bitcoin briefly closed above $6,400 for the second time in seven days.The cryptocurrency later pulled back by circa $400 amid profit-taking.It found support near $9,000, raising concerns about an extended move towards $7,500.Bitcoin’s impressive rebound from its mid-March lows extended its upward move above $6,400 on Wednesday. But the price

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Blockchain Can Save Pharmaceutical Industry $180 Million, Study Says

UCLA Health and LedgerDomain, a blockchain development platform, announced a new study revealing that blockchain technology would save the United States pharmaceutical industry over $180 million each year.The study was launched as part of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Drug Supply Chain Security Act Pilot Project Program. The

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Air Cargo Industry Could Save $400M Per Year With Innovative Blockchain Tech

Sita, an air transport communications and information tech company, and ULD Care, a trade association, are exploring the possibility of using blockchain technology to save $400M a year in the air cargo industry, according to the March 12 announcement.Blockchain platform brings down cost and improves efficiencyBlockchain technology allows air

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