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Crypto influencer warns Ethereum fees will drive users away

Prominent crypto influencer Lark Davis, or “The Crypto Lark,” has warned that Ethereum’s competitors will continue to syphon away users should Eth2 fail to launch soon amid ever-increasing gas fees.Despite predicting five-figure Ether prices in 2021, Davis’ Feb. 19 video, Davis asserts Ethereum’s skyrocketing fees has meant that only “rich

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Crypto Influencer Trumpets May 1st Delisting For Ultimate Bitcoin SV Knockout

Anthony Pompliano says: if all exchanges delist BSV, this could act as a ”sign of solidarity behind Bitcoin”. But why?A sign of solidarity behind the only thing that mattersAnthony is famous for his active participation in the cryptocurrency industry as the co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital – a crypto-focused asset

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