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Cardano is Working on a Microchip That Would Give Crypto a Cash-like Experience

In a recent Cryptox interview, Charles Hoskinson elaborated on the crypto-native chip that IOHK is working at its blockchain lab at the University of Wyoming that may lead to many groundbreaking use cases, including a cash-like experience for cryptocurrency.Crypto-native microchipIt all began when IOHK, the company charged with the development

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Bitfinex’s New Social Network Seeks to Give Traders an Edge

Catering to the social realm of the digital sphere, crypto exchange, Bitfinex, announced its own social network, which opened today.  On the exchange's social network, called Bitfinex Pulse, customers can immerse themselves in the energetic world of trading, collaborating on concepts, and other market related activities, said a statement provided to

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U.S. Recession Trigger Flashes Red – MIT Scientists Give It 6 Months

The yield on the 10-year U.S. Treasury note has fallen below the yield on the 3-month T-bill, stoking fresh recession talk. Long-duration bond yields are plunging on growing haven demand as coronavirus infects over 73,000 people. Researchers at MIT have used a scientific model to predict the likelihood of recession. The results

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