Saturday, December 3, 2022
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US Continues to Give Itself a Supranational Mandate, Via State Security Agencies; Bitcoin Sees Slight Rebound, Ether Flat

In previous orders, the Texas state securities board has said that metaverse casinos, like the Flamingo Casino Club, are soliciting residents of the U.S. But there’s no specific language on any of these platform’s sites targeting Texans or Americans in general. It’s also not clear that U.S. residents, or even

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Coinflex plans give 65% of company to creditors as part of restructuring proposal

Cryptocurrency exchange CoinFlex announced a structuring proposal in response to user feedback following the platform experiencing liquidity issues.In a Wednesday blog post, CoinFlex said under the proposal — which will be subject to a vote and then court approval— creditors will own 65% of the company, while its team members

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