Wednesday, January 22, 2020
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Bitcoin Educator Jimmy Song Isn’t A Big Fan Of Ethereum (Or JP Morgan Coin)

Over the past weeks, some of the world’s largest institutions, namely Facebook and JP Morgan, have announced intentions to launch blockchain ventures. While many crypto enthusiasts have welcomed this news, there’s one caveat, these projects are likely going to be centralized beyond compare.And to some, this simple fact isn’t something

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Jimmy Song Highlights Decentralization as Key to Success of Bitcoin Over Altcoins

Perceptions of Bitcoin (BTC) versus altcoins changed forever in 2018, as the largest cryptocurrency separated itself from the rest, Bitcoin developer Jimmy Song wrote in a blog post on Dec. 31.An ardent defender of Bitcoin’s decentralized values, Song, who is also a frequent social media commentator, argued that last year

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Jimmy Song: There’s Daylight Between Bitcoin (BTC) And Crypto Assets

2018 Was The Year “Bitcoin Separated From The Pack” Jimmy Song, a leading Bitcoin (BTC) educator, developer, and proponent known for his penchant for hats, recently took to his well-followed Medium channel to give an end-of-year update regarding the cryptosphere. Song, an often outspoken advocate for BTC maximalism and colloquially-dubbed “s***coin minimalism”, claimed

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