Wednesday, February 8, 2023
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Bitcoin Holds Steady Above $23K, White House Urges Congress to ‘Step Up’ Crypto Regulation

The SSR measures the ratio between the supplies of bitcoin and stablecoins. As stablecoins represent buying power, a reduction in the SSR implies that investors are sending stablecoins to exchanges, likely for the purpose of buying bitcoin. Since Jan. 11, the SSR has increased 32%. So while BTC’s price has

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Bitcoin Investor Sentiment Remains Steady As BTC Stalls At $16,000

Bitcoin investor sentiment has reached a standstill amid struggling prices in the market. While the digital asset continues to hold the $16,000 level, investors have backed off from the market, ensuring no significant movements either up or down, and as a result, investor sentiment hasn’t moved. Bitcoin Investors Still In Fear The

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