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Shocking Coronavirus Outbreak Chart Shows China’s Lockdown is Failing

Since January 23, the lockdown of the Hubei region, the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus surpassed 71,000 in mainland China. Despite strict measures from the government such as household quarantine, the virus outbreak is showing little signs of slowing down. Data from the South China Morning Post indicates 1,775 individuals

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Bitcoin Price Tests $11,000 Support After Failing to Make Higher Highs

Bitcoin (BTC) was challenging $11,000 support July 5 after a slight downturn made it temporarily lose ground.Market visualization courtesy of Coin360Data from Coin360 showed BTC/USD above $11,155 but still nursing 4.2% daily losses. The pair had climbed to over $12,000 on Wednesday, subsequently hovering at $11,700 before momentum waned.

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Coinbase CEO Admits ‘Diligence’ Failing, Boots Hacking Team Expats

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong has responded to criticisms about betraying the values of Bitcoin and crypto more broadly with its recent acquisition of Neutrino. Those Neutrino team members who previously worked at Hacking Team will “transition out of Coinbase,” the chief executive said late Monday. Hacking Team, one may recall,

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