Wednesday, February 8, 2023
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After Mocking the Price Model, Crypto Advocates Discuss Bitcoin’s Rainbow Chart Reintegration – Featured Bitcoin News

On a few occasions last year, crypto advocates discussed how a number of price models, leveraged to help predict the future value of bitcoin, ended up failing. However, since bitcoin’s value has increased by 36% over the last month, the price has entered the darkest band of the rainbow chart

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Bitcoin can still crack $50K if gold correlation continues — Chart

Bitcoin (BTC) could get sucked toward $50,000 like a magnet if it continues to follow gold, fresh analysis predicts.In a Twitter update on Jan. 26, popular trader and market commentator TechDev presented a lofty new BTC price target tied to XAU/USD.Gold, Bitcoin inverse dollar correlation “without question”As the debate over

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