Friday, September 25, 2020
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Future Bleak for Private Stablecoins, SFB Economist Says

Speaking on a Unitize digital conference panel, Peter Dittus, chief economist for SFB Technologies, said he does see a place for privately-issued stablecoins. "I don't see a great future," Dittus said of stablecoins on the June 7 panel, live streamed by Cryptox. Two stablecoin classifications existStablecoins exist in two categories — privately

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Goldman Sachs Plans ‘Crypto Custody’ Offering, Despite Bleak Market Predictions

Goldman Sachs plans to “offer [clients] custody for crypto funds,” insider sources told Bloomberg August 6, as the investment bank says it remains “undecided” on its cryptocurrency plans. As the publication reports, Goldman, which in May first hinted it would trade Bitcoin futures, now aims to offer various products linked

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