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Bitcoin Fund Bets $1M That Crypto Will Outperform S&P 500

Morgan Creek Bullish On Crypto, Issues $1M “Buffett Bet 2.0” Morgan Creek Capital, a juggernaut in investment management, recently saw its crypto-centric subsidiary make an extremely bullish bet on Bitcoin (BTC) and its altcoin brethren. More specifically, according to a report from CNBC, Morgan Creek Digital, headed by Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano, has

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Novogratz’s Galaxy Digital Loses Millions After Bitcoin, Ether, XRP Bets

Bitcoin, Ether, XRP Bets Gone Wrong While Mike Novogratz, is unarguably one of this industry’s foremost players, not even he, a former institutional banker turned Bitcoin diehard, has been safe in 2018’s bearish crypto market. Since crypto-centric merchant bank Galaxy Digital, Novogratz’s brainchild, was listed on Toronto, Canada’s stock exchange (TSX)

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VC Billionaire Tim Draper Places Huge Bets on Bitcoin Despite Recent Crypto Market Massacre

It seems like the crypto community is not scared by the latest bitcoin sell-off, with major investor Tim Draper predicting transition to cryptocurrency in the near future.Despite a huge cryptocurrency market crash, Tim Draper believes the value of bitcoin will keep going higher in the upcoming years. Speaking to Thiel Macro’s

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Civic CEO Bets That Bitcoin (BTC) Won’t Hit $28,000 By 2020

Vinny Lingham & Ronnie Moas Bet Over Bitcoin World Crypto Con, which calls itself the “first experiential conference for the cryptocurrency and blockchain space,” saw some of this industry’s foremost commentators, insiders, investors, long-time Bitcoin bulls and consumers attend its multi-day event in Las Vegas, Among the pundits in attendance was Vinny

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Rojava Bets on Cryptocurrency to Salvage Region’s Economy Wrecked by War with Syria

Rojava, AKA Northern Syria, is looking to implement blockchain technology to boost the region’s terrible economic status. The region is facing hostile economic sanctions by the neighboring countries of Turkey, Iran, Syria and Iraq. Rojava became self-governing in 2012 after a long civil war with Syria. It comprises three autonomous

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Soluna Bets Big on Offsetting Bitcoin Energy Consumption

As Bitcoin mining operations ramp up worldwide the electrical cost of mining is drawing the ire of municipalities and environmental groups alike. However, Soluna is looking to offset the carbon footprint of mining Bitcoin through its wind power plant in the Sahara Desert. Wind-Powered Mining Current estimates put bitcoin mining power consumption at

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