Monday, December 6, 2021
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Bitcoin Makes a Push for $57K as Fed Taper Fears Linger, Leveraged Funds Boost Shorts

Bitcoin jumped to a fresh five-month high early Monday, extending the two-week price rally even though Friday’s weak U.S. jobs report failed to dampen expectations for Federal Reserve (Fed) tapering in November. The market also turned a blind eye toward the data showing supposedly bearish positioning by leveraged funds in

Read More Records Highest Single-Day Volume Of $420M For Leveraged ETFs

Digital asset exchange exceeded $420 million in daily trading volume in August 2021 for its leveraged ETFs offering, accounting for 53% of the total spot trading volume on for the day. After 15 years of use in traditional financial markets, leveraged ETFs have entered the cryptocurrency market. Investors leverage

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Ethereum fees skyrocketed as traders raced to unwind leveraged positions

Ethereum fees surged to record highs amid the recent crypto downturn, with users paying more than 2,000 gwei to execute transactions at its peak.Digital asset research firm, Delphi Digital, noted gas prices oscillated between 1,500 and 1,700 gwei for approximately one hour as DeFi liquidations drove “gas wars amongst liquidators

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European eToro Traders Call Foul Over Closure of Leveraged Crypto Contracts

European users of eToro are claiming they were given the bum’s rush regarding leveraged crypto positions, which have been abruptly closed in the face of what the trading platform called “extreme market volatility.”Retail investors in the U.K. and U.S. are barred from buying into crypto derivatives, including financial contracts that

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CME Leveraged Funds Double Down on Shorts as Bitcoin Maintains $19,000

Fresh off of bitcoin’s record high in late November, leverage funds trading bitcoin futures on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange continue adding to their short positions as the leading cryptocurrency trades above $19,000.Update (Dec. 5, 17:38 UTC): This article has been updated to reflect the carry trade possibility for short OI increase

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