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A $3.7 Billion Behemoth Considering Ethereum, ETH Prices Responding

Ethereum (ETH) up 5.9 percentUbisoft considering building and creating a decentralized market place on EthereumIn a direct boost for Ethereum, Ubisoft is considering building on the platform. That follows Bitwage decision to support ETH. Reflecting on this development, ETH is up 5.9 percent in 24 hours.Ethereum Price AnalysisFundamentalsBuilding is a

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Why the World’s Largest Bitcoin Exchange is Fighting a VC Behemoth

Changpeng Zhao has filed a claim for compensation against Sequoia Capital (China) for unfairly preventing him from raising funds for Binance, which has since become the biggest crypto exchange in the global market.The chief executive blamed the venture capital firm for falsely accusing him of breaching exclusivity by initiating parallel discussions

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Bitcoin Mining Behemoth Bitmain Releases New 7nm Antminer Hardware

Bitcoin (BTC) mining giant Bitmain has officially released two new 7nm (nanometer)  “Antminer” crypto mining machines, according to an official tweet posted Nov. 5.Bitmain indicated in September that it would be equipping its new Antminer models with next-generation Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) chips.ASIC chips are geared to compute optimally for

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