Tuesday, September 29, 2020
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Main Barrier to CBDC Is Philosophy, Not Tech, Says European Central Bank Rep

A number of countries like China and Sweden are already experimenting with central bank digital currencies (CBDC). The implementation of this new type of money requires a number of aspects including tech advancement and specific regulation. According to a key official at the European Central Bank (ECB), the main challenge

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Bitcoin Trading on ICE’s Bakkt Futures Platform Breaks $290,000 Barrier

With Bakkt trading 29 Bitcoin Futures contracts as of writing, experts say that Bakkt will see a gradual scale-up and incremental demand due to its nature of physical delivery.Earlier today, Bakkt announced the live trading for its much-awaited Bitcoin Futures contracts. Bakkt Bitcoin Futures Contracts come with daily and monthly

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Bitcoin Adoption Crippled by Public’s ‘Serious Mental Barrier’

Bitcoin won’t go mainstream anytime soon because there’s a societal mental block that’s hindering mass adoption. That’s the opinion of Jack Mallers, creator of the Zap Lightning Network wallet.Mallers made the remarks at a recent forum hosted by the MIT Bitcoin Club (video below).Mallers: Bitcoin Skeptics Think It’s Too RiskyMallers

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