Wednesday, October 28, 2020
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Another Bitcoin Lightning Startup Is Working With Visa to ‘Fast Track’ Card Payments

Last month, Bitcoin Lightning startup Strike announced  it would be working with the world payment giant Visa. Now, another startup in the same vein, LastBit, which just launched its app in beta, will be going through the same Visa Fast Track program.  This partnership will eventually make it possible for users

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Cellebrite Launches Crypto Tracer Solution to Track Illicit Transactions

Digital intelligence firm Cellebrite has launched its “Cellebrite Crypto Tracer” solution.The new offering is powered by CypherTrace and aims to trace illicit cryptocurrencies involved in money laundering, terrorism, drugs, human trafficking, weapon sales and ransomware schemes.The suite of tools will be available to investigators, analysts and non-technical agents who want

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Ukrainian Ministry Plans to Track Crypto Transactions With Bitfury

The Ministry for Digital Transformation of Ukraine, a major government authority behind local crypto regulation, will be implementing Bitfury’s crypto analytics tool to track crypto transactions.As officially announced on July 23, the Ministry has signed an agreement with Birfury’s crypto compliance product known as Crystal.Bitfury’s Crystal to provide crypto analytics

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