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Bitcoin SV Soars but Thin Volume Hints Huge Crash Ahead

Bitcoin SV (BSV) was among the major gainers this week as a macro bullish move pumped all the leading Bitcoin rivals.The fifth-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization swelled 14.88 percent since Wednesday’s open, establishing a week-to-date high of $311.27. The move uphill came after days of choppy price actions which, in

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The US Quietly Printed $75 Billion out of Thin Air (For the Banks). This Is Why Bitcoin Matters – CCN.com

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York very quietly handed out $75 billion in cash to the banks on Wednesday in a process known as a ‘repurchase operation,’ or repo.  This emergency measure hasn’t been used at scale for a decade, since the last financial crisis. It’s a reminder of the central

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