Friday, February 3, 2023
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Where Are the Crypto OGs? — Taxation Is Theft, but Joe Biden Needs Ice Cream Money – Op-Ed Bitcoin News

Bitcoin was once viewed as a means to opt out of violent, legacy financial systems. Now, it is being co-opted by the very same, and zealous newcomers to crypto think that’s a good thing, while still giving lip service to peer-to-peer values. Ignoring the problems with fiat money, they beg

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Reversible transactions could mitigate crypto theft — Researchers

Stanford University researchers have come up with a prototype for “reversible transactions” on Ethereum, arguing it could be a solution to reduce the impact of crypto theft. In a Sept. 25 tweet, Stanford University blockchain researcher Kaili Wang shared a run down of the Ethereum-based reversible token idea, noting that

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$540 Million Worth of ‘Sleeping Bitcoins’ From 2014 Move — BTC Possibly Linked to Cryptsy Theft – Bitcoin News

On March 29, blockchain parsers caught a sequence of 11 transactions totaling 11,325 bitcoin moving from unknown wallets created in 2014, to a great number of recipient addresses. Furthermore, the stash of bitcoin worth $540 million today is possibly linked to the Cryptsy theft, according to onchain analytics. 11,325 Bitcoins Move

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