Tuesday, November 28, 2023
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Spotify reportedly deletes thousands of AI-generated songs

The battle between the music industry and artificial intelligence (AI) continues as reports claim Spotify is taking down AI-generated music. A Financial Times (FT) report revealed that the music streaming platform had removed 7% of songs created by the AI music startup Boomy, amounting to “tens of thousands” of songs. Spotify is also

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Napster Expands Into Web3 Music Space With Acquisition of Mint Songs – Bitcoin News

On Wednesday, Napster, the music streaming service originally launched in 1999, announced that the company has finalized a deal to acquire the Web3 music startup Mint Songs. Napster’s CEO, Jon Vlassopulos, insists that “we are in an unprecedented era of innovation in the digital music space,” and he believes Web3

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Crypto Twitter uses new AI chatbot to make trading bots, blogs and even songs

The crypto community appears to be having a ball with ChatGPT, a recently launched Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbot created by research company OpenAI — using it for a multitude of applications including a trading bot, a crypto blog, and even an original song.The bot is a language interface tool that

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