Tuesday, November 28, 2023
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Peter Schiff Predicts Bitcoin Crash as US ETF Frenzy Gets Slowly Priced In despite High Optimism

While Peter Schiff thinks Bitcoin price will crash before the ETF launch in the United States, analysts at AllianceBernstein issued a prediction of $150k in 2025 driven by the halving event and institutional inflows. The recent Bitcoin (BTC) breakout has significantly raised investors’ optimism for a continued bullish trend in the

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Banking is ‘slowly dying’ — Former TradFi execs on reasons for joining crypto

Despite plenty of regulatory action in the United States and an ongoing crypto winter, former TradFi executives, now in crypto, said there’s no desire to return to their old banking livesInstead, former traditional bankers who’ve pivoted to crypto remain bullish about the industry's future and love the fact they can

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Nansen’s analytics slowly labeling worldwide wallets

Public blockchains can be accessed and read by anyone but creating meaningful insights from this data is no mean feat. Millions of transactions are recorded across a variety of chains and layer-2 protocols, creating petabytes of data daily.Services like Google transformed the early internet, accomplishing a significant engineering task by

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