Wednesday, November 25, 2020
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Ethereum Positioned to Rally After Forming Historically Bullish Market Structure

Ethereum has now pushed below the lower boundary of its long-held trading range that has been formed throughout the past several weeksThis weakness has come about as Bitcoin also inches lowerBoth of these digital assets have been maintaining above these levels over the past several weeks, and a firm decline

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Why This Investor Says Ethereum is Positioned to Become a Store of Value

It isn’t a secret that when crypto investors mention a “digital store of value,” they are decidedly referring to Bitcoin (BTC). But, as emission (supply output) rate of Ethereum (Ether/ETH) has dwindled over its nearly four years in existence, commentators have begun to evaluate the cryptocurrency’s status.Although some are sure

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Tron Price Analysis: TRX Well Positioned for 4 Cents, BitTorrent Tokenize

Latest Tron NewsStellar and Tron Twitter armies may be feuding, but the truth is that these two platforms have different objectives.Like we have mentioned before, Tron is working overtime, drafting engineering and opening virtual offices across the world as they strive to create a blockchain based free content entertainment system.

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