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McAfee Champions Importance of Stablecoins for Decentralized Exchanges

American entrepreneur and staunch crypto advocate, John McAfee, has argued for the importance of stablecoins for decentralized exchange (DEX) adoption.McAfee made his argument in a tweet posted on Oct. 20.Stablecoins as an interim solutionMcAfee’s video begins by tackling the main obstacle to crypto-fiat currency conversions that use of a

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John McAfee Reportedly Released Following Detainment in The Dominican Republic

Cryptocurrency enthusiast and antivirus software namesake John McAfee appears to have been released by authorities in the Dominican Republic today. McAfee posted a picture on his official Twitter account with the caption:“Leaving detention (don't judge my looks - four days of confinement). I was well treated. My superiors were

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Eccentric Tech Runaway John McAfee Offers to Build Cuba’s First Cryptocurrency

Cybersecurity expert and tech guru (at least for some) John McAfee recently expressed his willingness to work with the Cuban government to help build their its native cryptocurrency. McAfee, who is currently on the run from the U.S. tax authorities, offered his help after the Cuban government revealed its intention

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