Thursday, November 26, 2020
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FTX Raises ‘TRUMP’ Futures Margins as Price Suggests Lower Expectations of Election Win

Cryptocurrency derivatives exchange FTX is increasing the margin requirements on its TRUMP and other President 2020 futures contracts.Announced Friday, the exchange said it is upping the initial margin requirement to $0.50, meaning traders must put up that amount to acquire 1 short TRUMP contract. The change comes in on Saturday

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Blockchain Bites: Bitcoin Miners’ Slim Margins, ConsenSys’ Latest CBDC Pilot, a16z’s Power Hire

Bitcoin’s hashrate is soaring. Ethereum incubator ConsenSys has signed on to another CBDC pilot. JPMorgan unveiled a revamped interbank transfer blockchain network that could challenge SWIFT.Top shelfLower profitsBitcoin mining profitability is at all-time lows in 2020, spurred in part by new ASIC mining machinery driving up the network’s hashrate. While bitcoin‘s hashrate

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