Saturday, June 10, 2023
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Cleveland Fed President Loretta Mester Is ‘Not Predicting a Recession,’ Says Inflation Will Move Down – Economics Bitcoin News

Cleveland Federal Reserve Bank president Loretta Mester doesn’t think a recession will take place in the United States but believes it will take two years to get inflation back down to 2%. While speaking during an interview on Sunday, Mester explained that while it will take two years, inflation “will

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Even a ‘Marriage’ to Loretta Lynn Won’t Make Kid Rock Relevant

Kid Rock “married” country music legend Loretta Lynn over the weekend. Lynn was called a “cougar” and the spectacle was called “tabloid fodder.” The rap-rocker-turned-Trump supporter is desperate for relevance, at this point. Kid Rock got married. Sort of. The 49-year-old patron saint of white trash “married” country music legend Loretta Lynn over the

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