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Crypto Pioneer Mark Jeffrey is Sure that Bitcoin will Reach $250k, and Here’s Why

Photo: Mark Jeffrey / FacebookJeffrey remarked that cryptocurrencies are much like the early Dotcom industry, echoing remarks made by a number of analysts, such as Meltem Demirors. Yet, he noted that this budding space is compressed time-wise in comparison to Dotcom, explaining that development in this space is four

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“Bitcoin Could Make it to 5k”. Anti-Crypto and Investment Guru Jeffrey Gundlach Says

Despite not being the most pro-bitcoin investor, Jeffrey Gundlach recently commented that Bitcoin could easily give traders and hodlers a 25% profit in the short term. Jeffrey Gundlach is a Bond-fund Manager at DoubleLine Capital LP. His success in the world of finance has earned him the nickname “Bond Guru” or

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