Monday, September 16, 2019
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SWIFT Vs. Ripple — The Importance of Speed in Cross-Border Payments

The emergence of blockchain technology has undoubtedly altered the course of global digital payment development. With the likes of Ripple and Facebook’s Libra challenging the monopoly of banks and other financial institutions, mainstream players like SWIFT, Visa and Mastercard have been forced to seek significant improvements to the legacy

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DragonEx Crypto Exchange Hack Highlights the Importance of Using Reputable Platforms

The crypto industry has once again bore witness to an exchange being hacked by nefarious actors, with the latest exchange to fall victim being the Singapore-based DragonEx, which announced today that an undisclosed amount of multiple digital currencies have been stolen.The latest hack is now highlighting the importance of cryptocurrency

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Former PM Calls Crypto a ‘Ponzi Scheme,’ But Underlines Importance of Blockchain

Ehud Barak, a former Israeli Prime Minister, has compared digital currencies to Ponzi schemes, Israeli media agency Arutz Sheva reported on Dec. 3.Barak had participated in the Camp David Accords in 2000 as part of an attempt to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and now serves as the chairman of medical

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