Friday, September 30, 2022
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Bitcoin is pinned below $20K as the macro climate stifles hope for a sustainable BTC bull run

Bitcoin (BTC) crashed below $19,000 on Sept. 6, driving the price to its lowest level in 80 days. The movement not only completely erased the entirety of the 32% gains accrued from July until Aug. 15, it also wiped out $246 million worth of leverage long (buy) futures contracts.Bitcoin price

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Celsius bankruptcy proceedings show complexities amid declining hope of recovery

The Celsius Network is one of many crypto lending firms that has been swept up in the wake of the so-called “crypto contagion.” Rumors of Celsius’ insolvency began circulating in June after the crypto lender was forced to halt withdrawals due to “extreme market conditions” on June 13 and eventually filed

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Michael Saylor: Bitcoin is a Lifeboat Tossed on a Stormy Sea, Offering Hope to Anyone Who Needs to Get off a Sinking Ship

Summary: MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor has described Bitcoin as a lifeboat tossed on a stormy sea, offering hope t anyone that needs to get off their sinking ship. Mr. Saylor also pointed out that Bitcoin will outlast all of us. He added that Bitcoin is the only asset that allows you to accumulate

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