Saturday, January 23, 2021
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IOTA blockchain used to track COVID-19 test results at Frankfurt Airport

Early on in the pandemic, the heightened need for various biosurveillance measures sparked interest in the relevance of privacy-enhancing technologies such as blockchain that could protect public health data amid the crisis. An individual Twitter user claimed last week that Frankfurt Airport's Corona testing center appeared to be using IOTA blockchain

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How blockchain technology can impact the real estate market during COVID-19

We can agree that blockchain technology has been a disruptor in several industries, its most significant impact in the financial sector. Blockchain technology has virtually changed how industries and the world economy work. It is difficult to find a sector that has not been influenced by blockchain technology across the

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Merck Seals $425M Buyout Deal with OncoImmune for COVID-19 Drug

The deal with OncoImmune will see Merck take up the ownership of CD24Fc with additional payment made to OncoImmune based on future favorable regulatory approvals associated with the drug.American multinational pharmaceutical company Merck & Co Inc (NYSE: MRK) has inked a $425 million deal with OncoImmune, a privately-held, clinical-stage biopharmaceutical

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