Friday, December 1, 2023
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FTX to clawback $71.5 million from Bankman-Fried’s NGO

Share Share on Twitter Share on LinkedIn Share on Telegram Copy Link Link copied Lawyers of the defunct crypto exchange, FTX, now argue that founder Sam Bankman-Fried commingled customer funds for “personal aggrandizement” to garner influence for himself. FTX targets life science investments According to court documents filed by FTX attorneys on July 19,

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FTX pursues $244M clawback from ‘wildly inflated’ Embed acquisition deal

FTX’s leadership is looking to claw back more than $240 million from insiders and executives that benefited from FTX's "wildly inflated" acquisition of stock-clearing platform Embed in September.Cryptox reported yesterday that a lawsuit was filed against former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried and other top FTX insiders on May 17 concerning

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SushiSwap passes 100% fee relocation, 10.9M SUSHI clawback proposals

According to a governance proposal passed on Jan. 23, decentralized exchange (DEX) SushiSwap will soon redirect 100% of trading fees on the platform to its treasury for operations and maintenance for one year's duration. The move came after CEO Jared Grey warned that the exchange "only has 1.5 years of

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