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Calling All Gamers: Razer Wants You to Mine Cryptocurrency Using Idle GPUs

Razer, the multi-billion-dollar gaming equipment manufacturer, released a new program that allows gamers to easily utilize their idle GPUs to mine cryptocurrency. The catch to this seemingly simple program, however, is that users don’t actually get to keep the cryptocurrency they mine.Razer Releases Cryptocurrency Mining Software Called SoftMinerThe new program,

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Mike Novogratz: I’m Calling a Bottom on Crypto, Big Rally Ahead

On Thursday, crypto investors awoke to an unexpected sight, with digital assets across the board posting substantial gains for the first time in weeks. While there were many short-term speculators who were satisfied with this move, there were some optimistic commentators, analysts, and influencers within this space that saw this

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Blockchain Phones Calling the Future of Telecommunications

The emergence of blockchain technology has piqued the interest of a number of different sectors across global society. From finance, politics, economics, automotive and technology, blockchain is starting to take root. It is now being seen that communications could be the latest sector to benefit from this technological revolution. There

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