Sunday, September 20, 2020
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ETH miner revenue reaching a new all-time-high may be bad news for low volume yield farmers

On September 2, the revenue of Ethereum (ETH) miners reached an all-time high of 51,541 ETH. While this may be good for the miners, it could turn popular DeFi projects into a mousetrap. Ethereum miner revenue, percent from fees and total gas used. Source: Glassnode.When denominated in USD, these

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‘Looks Bad’ — Bitcoin Futures Echo Days Before March Crash, Says Trader

Bitcoin (BTC) futures were worrying analysts on July 10 as volume data suggested serious weakness and the potential for a major pullback.Uploading a weekly chart of CME Group’s Bitcoin futures to Twitter, Cryptox Markets analyst filbfilb did not mince his words describing the current climate.Filbfilb: BTC futures “almost identical” to

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