Tuesday, July 27, 2021
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Fakeout or Breakout? Technicals Suggest Bitcoin Is Bound For a Correction

Bitcoin’s lackluster price action reached a pivotal point throughout July. As the range where it was trading was narrowing over time, BTC’s price reached the lowest levels of volatility ever recorded in its 11-year history, according to Arcane Research. “With only 11 days left of July, we’re currently seeing the tightest

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Why Mark Zuckerberg Is Bound to Crush the Facebook Employee Revolt

Facebook employees want Mark Zuckerberg to review his stance on moderating President Trump’s posts. Employees of the social media giant protested on a related matter last year. Zuckerberg has several well-developed tactics he can use to avoid reversing course. Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) employees are speaking out over a decision by Mark Zuckerberg not to

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