Wednesday, September 30, 2020
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Forget Bitcoin’s Volatility, BoA Says Unstable UK Pound Like an Emerging Market Currency

Bitcoin’s often criticized for its volatile and unpredictable nature – now analysts are saying that, and more, about the pound sterling. In a shock-inducing note to clients on Tuesday, currency analysts at Bank of America (BoA) said sterling had devolved into an emerging market currency in all but name during the

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Taking Long Positions in Bitcoin is Comfortable: Former BoA Trader

Taking long positions in Bitcoin should be comfortable for traders, according to Naeem Aslam.The former equity trader with the Bank of America said Thursday that he would purchase bitcoin if the crypto-asset compliments a crucial technical indicator.Dubbed as Moving Average, it allows traders to calculate an average asset value for

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“Short The Bankers”: Financial Advisor Lauds Bitcoin (BTC) After BoA Charges

Banks Are 3,200% More Expensive Than Crypto Since Bitcoin (BTC) came into being, it has been lauded for being an alternative to the traditional financial system. Yet, those with a vested interest in this dinosaur-esque world have quickly rebutted these cries, noting that cryptocurrencies are not only slow, but are expensive,

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